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Our Mission is to investigate, assist and educate those who believe they are experiencing the paranormal, unexplained or any other anomalies. We explore the unknown with an open mind collecting both scientific data along with help from credible scientists, psychic allies & guides.

Michelle  and Marie

​Lead Investigators, Tech, Producers

Uncovering the Worlds most talked about mysteries... Spirits, The Alien Connection, Crop Circles, UFO's, Angels, Intention Experiments the Paranormal & more!The Mystery League was founded in 2004 by Identical Twin Sisters Maria and Michelle. The twins grew up in a house with passing spirits. These experiences have changed their lives forever. The anomalies experienced made them question.. What else exists? Thus, The Mystery League was created. 

 “We grew up in a home with passing spirits”, so growing up and experiencing the paranormal became very normal to us, and our family. Our Father (born and raised in a small town in Louisiana called Ferriday) had what he called a White Veil over his eyes.” This veil enables one to see things the normal person could not, such as spirits. “We never thought in a million years we’d be chasing the thing’s that haunted us growing up. But thanks to our Dad, his wisdom showed us how to close off, remove and raise our vibration to the invisible.” Our Fathers wise words… “Ghost’s don’t hurt people, people hurt people”. Gave us strength. His teachings gave us wisdom & inner power over it. We now help those who have experienced what we have… the paranormal.The Mystery League is here to assist those who are experiencing the paranormal or associated anomalies. Although we have experienced the paranormal up close and personal we still base our results on diligently scrutinizing all photos, videos & data we collect. Our method system is a little different. Most will scare you, however fear only makes you weak and more susceptible to hauntings or worse. We teach you how to bring your vibration up, empower you, your home & protect your loved ones free of charge. 

We’re committed to helping you!  We may not be related, but you’ll feel like we’re family.